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Coaching & Training
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Client-centred coaching

Client-centred coaching is a method which enables the client to reflect, study and become aware of the vital questions concerning his/her own work, community and professional role. The focus is always on the client's current, here-and-now situation at work.

In addition to finding solutions to the continuous challenges at work coaching strengthens the profes-sional identity of the client. This approach helps the client to observe and understand his/her own action in situations of great complexity.

In the beginning of the process the goals are defined. The process is evaluated together at regular intervals. If possible the superior of the client is present when the goals are defined and during the last session when the final conclusions are being drawn.

The supervision is carried out through discussions between the coach and the client. According to the situation methods that enhance insight, i.e. visualization may be used. All that takes place during the sessions is confidential.

Coaching is an intensified and often a lengthy process which aims at the comprehensive development of the client. Personal sessions take place every 1-3 weeks. One session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes at a time.

The method is also adapted to groups and deepened with more traditional training sessions if needed. It has proved to be especially suitable for management groups who want to improve their efficiency when cultural differences and inadequate co-operation skills seem to be an obstacle.

Coaching & Training
in English

Client-centred coaching

Training programmes
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